About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Welcoming everyone to a relationship with Christ through the beauty of the Sacraments and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our Vision:

We are currently working on a vision statement that reflects the hearts and minds of our parishioners, staff, clergy, and pastor.

About Us:

We are a beautiful Catholic community in the Northeast area of Rio Rancho made up of over 1,400 families. One of three Catholic churches in Rio Rancho, we work together to help meet the spiritual needs of all those under our care. Whether you are a new parishioner or someone who has been an integral part of our parish for years, it is our goal to truly make this parish your home.  

We were founded as a parish in 2003 and our church building was finally consecrated on September 23, 2011. We are blessed to have a church building large enough to accommodate our growing community and that reflects our Roman Catholic heritage.

Our mission is to welcome everyone to a relationship with Christ through the beauty of the Sacraments and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. We are committed to celebrating the Eucharist in a way worthy of Christ’s glory. We are also committed to providing programs to support our children, pre-teens, teens, and college-aged young adults in their Catholic education and to lead them closer to Christ. As well, our adult ministries help form more perfect followers of Christ by serving the needs of others and by setting aside time to deepen one’s understanding of the Christian life.

Our parishioners, can expect that we will accompany them throughout the process as they grow and continue to mature into faithful disciples of Christ. Our ministries reach out personally and invite new parishioners to groups that we believe will suit their needs based on the information they provide us during our first encounter. We strive to make starting new groups to support others in the community who share their interests and needs easy, and we do whatever we can to facilitate this under the guidance and approbation of our pastor.

From all parishioners we expect that they be open to discerning, with the guidance of the parish leadership, the Holy Spirit’s call to serve others. We expect active participation in Mass every Sunday (or Saturday evening) and Holy Day of Obligation by engaging with their heart, mind, voice, offering their life and experience in union with Christ’s sacrifice offered on the altar. We expect that parishioners seek God’s mercy and share it with others often. In short, we ask that parishioners allow the grace of God that flows from the Sacraments to form them and shape them so that every day and everywhere may become an encounter with Christ for them and those that encounter them.

We are incredibly blessed to have five active deacons to assist our pastor in reaching our mission. These men play an important role in leading the parish through their gift of self and service. Together with them, we have numerous ministries and volunteers whose remarkable generosity of their time, talents, and treasure allows us to carry out our mission.

We invite you to be a part of our family at Church of the Incarnation and we look forward to walking with you as you grow in your Catholic Faith.