Prayers for the Sick

Please pray for all the sick and their caregivers, especially for those in our parish community.  These include:

Frances Warner | Mary Peruso | Joseph Peruso | Andrea Maldonado | Sam Maldonado | Justin Philip | Alcira Ramirez  | Lucy Ramirez  | Kyle Olson Wayne Olson | Medley Family | Phillis Yong  | Ricky Johnson | Mary Rossi | Nora Anderson | Melissa Padilla | Cecilia Brunoni | Fr. Bill Young | Ida Gallegos | Pamela Lujan | Robert Romero | Trina Hostas | Mike Margic  | Alexandria Duran | Misty Lucas  | Ed Lucas | Kimberly Baxter | Reggie Higgin | Richard Quintana | Sr. Mary Barbara Kopecki | Lawrence Salas | David Twomey | Lydia Willingham


If you or your loved ones need prayers and would like to be added to the parish prayer list, please call the parish office. At 505-771-8331

Lord, our God, who watch over your creatures with unfailing care, keep us in the safe embrace of your love. With your strong right hand raise up your servants and give them the strength of your own power. Minister to them and heal their illnesses so that they may have from you the help they long for. Amen.